24 June 2012

Association of Canadian Archivists resolution

For the record:

Annual General Meeting Resolution - June 9, 2012
We the Association of Canadian Archivists, representing Canadian archivists, reaffirm our support of the Canadian archival system, an existing network of community, regional, provincial, territorial and federal archives.
Let it be resolved that a Canadian archival network is essential to acquire, preserve and make accessible to Canadians their documentary heritage in all media.
Let it be resolved that the Canadian Council of Archives is that network, comprising its membership of Provincial and Territorial Councils, the Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists, the Association of Canadian Archivists, the Association des archivistes du Quebec, and Library and Archives Canada.
Let it be resolved that the Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Forum is not the vehicle in which to advance the Canadian archival network; nor is it a substitute for that network because it is neither comprehensive nor representative of the Canadian archival system.
Let it be resolved that the loss of knowledge capacity through the national network of education and preservation advisors, as well as the archival professionals at Library and Archives Canada will impair and damage advancing a Canadian archival acquisition strategy; and will ultimately risk the stewardship of Canada’s collective archives and memory.

From: http://archivists.ca/sites/default/files/Attachments/Advocacy_attachments/aca_agm_resolution-final_0.pdf

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