20 June 2012

LAC building celebrates 45 years

On June 20 1967 a new building for the National Library and National Archives was officially opened by Prime Minister Lester B Pearson. Although the lady is showing her age, and even unloved by LAC management, here is an audio clip from the CBC describing the building as it was on opening day 45 years ago.


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Archivus said...

Good reminder. Perhaps LAC management can see their way to placing or replacing a sign on the building to indicate what it is ... this is, after all, our national library and archives, but for all intents and purposes, is a "no-name" building. And while you are celebrating this august institution, tomorrow marks the 140th anniversary of the appointment of Douglas Brymner as clerk in charge of archives ... we have come a long way since 1872, but will we go a long way given the state of our national archives today?