06 June 2012

Organize It - systematic, safe, accessible

Jane Down is a compulsive organizer. She told me in an interview that nothing calms her like putting things in order. She is also a conservation professional working for the Canadian Conservation Institute.

Now Jane shares her methods in a four page laminated document "Organize It - systematic, safe, accessible: organization tips for genealogists"
Information is presented under the headings: Overview of the organizational system; Notebooks; To do lists; Binder organization; Travel and binders/file folders; Correspondence; Oversized historical documents; Transcribing documents and audio tapes/files; Heirlooms; Preservation advice; Photo organization system; Fire protection; Care and storage of photos and negatives; Genealogy books, magazines and newsletter organization; Storing genealogy data/files and digital photos; Organize your collection's future; Final tips,  Some suppliers; Bibliography; Websites for organization.
This handy reference lists for $8.95 and will be available through Global Genealogy shortly.

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