22 June 2012

Family Chronicle: July/August 2012 issue

The new (July/August 2012) issue of Family Chronicle features a digital camera on the cover illustrating an article by magazine editor Ed Zapletal with tips on acquiring that most useful piece of technology for your family history research. The article covers sources for information on cameras, the types of camera available, cost, outputting and archiving your photographs. Although there are lower cost cameras available, the one built into your smartphone may well serve for many purposes, the article provides a list from those featured on findthebest.com ranging from a Canon at $249, to a Nikon at $899.
This issue has somewhat of an international flavor starting with the editor on his recent first trip to his family homeland in the Czech Republic. His reflection that "I felt so comfortable there" is something many of us have surely felt as we wandered down country lanes and city byways frequented by our ancestors. Other places mentioned are the Channel Islands, Sweden, and even UNESCO.
In Were Your Ancestors Kissing Cousins? Timothy R Boyer reviews the amount of DNA you share with people on your family tree, then reviews the changes in law in the US as they relate to marrying a relative. He points out that it was not unknown for couples to move between American colonies to avoid the stigma of a consanguineous marriage.

Clifford James Loney Case Study
George Matheson details how finding an old photo of a farm in the Channel Islands led him back to his roots
Jersey to Gaspé: Ancestors Expanding Trade
Arthur Lamy explores the migration of Jersey Traders to Gaspé in the 1600s
Revolutionary War Ancestors
Craig Roberts Scott explains what to do when you can't find your Revolutionary War ancestor
Giddy Up! Horse-Drawn Transport
David A. Norris examines the most popular mode of transportation for our ancestors
Consangineous Marriages
Timothy R. Boyer looks at the effect of consangineous marriages and affinal marriages on your research
The Amazing Story of Jane Enwood
James B. Hibbard recounts his research in documenting one woman's extraordinary story
Using Multiple Sources
Ed Storey shows us how to use different sources to solve a problem ancestor
Transmigration: Following the Wolperts
Melody Amsel-Arieli details the travels of one family from Eastern Europe to Duluth, Minnesota
FGS Conference 2012 Preview
Thomas MacEntee previews the upcoming FGS Conference in Birmingham, Alabama
UNESCO: Memory of the World Project
Diane L. Richard looks at a unique online resource for preserving our archives
Extending the Swedish Family Tree
How a single phone call from a stranger helped Leslie A. Huber continue her research her elusive ancestor
Exploring the Family History Library of Los Angeles
Amanda Epperson reviews what is available at the Family History Library of LA

Information on Family Chronicle, now available in a variety of formats, is at http://www.familychronicle.com/

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