01 June 2012

Daniel Caron keynote at CLA

Illness kept me from going to the Canadian Library Association meeting in Ottawa. The following tweets are on LAC head honcho Daniel Caron's keynote presentation. Here is a representative selection.

Keynote starting ... let the games begin. Daniel Caron, may the odds be EVER in your favour...

This is less offensive than it is incomprehensible.

I feel as though I'm listening to a glossary of Library 2.0 terms from 2006.

"The rules of the game have changed." I submit that it's not a game

$10 million in cuts to LAC, which Caron leads, and he has not made one statement on it. He has not stood up for LAC.

I think Caron does not understand his audience. We are already way beyond this.
Caron's talk would be interesting if this was 1997.

Good God. I haven't heard this much jargon outside of a project management meeting

I've moved into feeling bad for him because this is so bad. It is so much worse than I thought. Good God.

Oh dear. Caron just bragged that the LAC twitter account has 600 followers.

"Dig in our heels and wrap ourselves in the Canadian flag to maintain the status quo" How insulting.

I hate it when 'evidence-based' is used in such a political manner, as if it justifies stupidity. #claott2012

 the situation at LAC sounds absolutely dire. Canada's heritage is at stake.

reading the tweets on Caron's keynote at #claott2012. Doesn't appear to have gone well.

I am now ready to go out and confront the challenges of 1999.

reading the tweets from #claott12 . my kingdom for someone with libraryland experience at the head of LAC.

Caron at #CLAOTT2012 very theoretical. Think everyone would have liked more on practical impacts of LAC cuts, concretely staying relevant.

If the hum in the room after Caron's keynote is any indication, the Q&A this afternoon will be lively

Just got out of Daniel Caron's opening keynote. Yikes! It was a rabble-rouser. I can't wait for the Q&A this afternoon.

wrap yourself in the canadian flag? wrap yourself in armor and fight for LAC, since it's obvious this guy isn't.

Anyone feel the need for a primal scream? 

I am now MORE worried about the state of libraries today than I was before.

"Modernization initiative"...sounds more like "catch-up initiative"

According to Caron, LAC is doing its part to balance the federal budget. That's one way to put it.

The obvious contempt that he has for his audience is deeply unsettling.

Keynote is... Interesting... Dear lord 

Oh no! Caron brought in evidence-based practice in his speech. Ask Regina public how that is going? 

Agreed. We need to address fundamental question of LAC's role; evolving service delvry model to allow all Cdns access

Daniel Caron says LAC's twitter acct. now has 600 followers; evidently this justifies massive federal library service cuts

LAC has decided against "indiscriminate digization" of its collection.

Caron is talking about digitization efforts in terms of 1000's of images when he should be talking in terms of terabytes.

Fighting urge to laugh out loud...

Caron's speech = massive snooze!

Keynote speech: On my one side a woman scribbles "digitization/=digital"; on the other, a woman texts "this guy is an a******."

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Cannuk said...

Really grateful to you for keeping us up to date with what is going on in Ottawa, John. Hope you're feeling better.

What makes me shudder is how this kind of absent leadership will trickle down to all of us on the local level. Where has this man been?