15 June 2012

More Dorset records on Ancestry

Ancestry have added a variety of new records for the country of Dorset in England from the Dorset History Centre. They are indexed with images of the originals linked.

The major databases, over 100,000 records, are:

Land Tax Returns, 1780-1832,  646,167 records
Jury Lists, 1825-1921, 348,846 records
Significant databases, more than 10,000 records are:
Dorchester Prison Admission and Discharge Registers, 1782-1901,
62,737 records
Militia Lists, 1757-1860, 31,298 records
Smaller databases with less than 5,000 records are:
Vagrant Passes, 1739-1791, 4,903 records
Calendars of Prisoners, 1854-1904, 4,863 records
Alehouse Licence Records, 1754-1821, 4,025 records
Convict Transportation Records, 1724-1791, 488 records
Ancestry have also updated the database of Dorset Wills and Probates, 1565-1858,
27912 records

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