30 June 2012

Greenwood's map of London

Greenwood's Map of London was produced in 1827 at eight inches to the mile. If you enjoy browsing maps there's a version on an old but "new to me" site available from Bath Spa University. The map covers London and surroundings and stretches out to Earls Court in the West, to the River Lea and Greenwich in the East, Highgate to the North and to the South, Camberwell.

Start at http://users.bathspa.ac.uk/greenwood/imagemap.html

Don't overlook the links to other London maps at http://users.bathspa.ac.uk/greenwood/lhistory.html#links


Cannuk said...

First link doesn't work. It comes up saying file not found.

JDR said...

Checked it out. It works for me.