25 June 2012

British Listed Buildings

Back in January 2011 I posted on the British Listed Buildings site. Since then information has continued to be added. It may be worthwhile revisiting for the communities of interest for your ancestry.

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Linda J. Hauley said...

This is the first time I have seen this site and was amazed at how much there was in it.
The general comments on the different places are not always accurate. For instance, I looked up a parish church in Devon where they say it was remodeled when in fact (and there was a pamphlet explaining this at the church), it suffered a fire and one of my ancestors was the major driving force in the rebuilding. There is a stained glass window where he commemorates his wife and daughter which also is not mentioned in the comments.
Unfortunately there is a general lack of pictures for the places cited but looking at Google Maps, I was able to revisit places I had on my genealogy visit to England and Wales. Since I have photos of parish churches and places of interest, I will be uploading some of mine to the website.
Thank you, John, for bringing this website to our attention again!