05 June 2012

The future of Interlibrary loan in Canada

The following is based on a brief conversation with Fabien Langelle, Director General, Service Branch of Library and Archives Canada

The interlibrary loan service from LAC costs the tax-base $40 per loan, which is unsustainable in new budget conditions.

Demand for the service is decreasing, from 180K requests/yr to $32K requests/yr

Options for a replacement functionality, such as digitization, user pay, and other options will be explored with the community next fall

Nothing will change until February 15, 2013.

Comment: In this as with all other national genealogical issues the community is handicapped in having its voice heard by having no national organization to speak for it, and no appetite by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Canada's largest, to participate in one.

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Jim Stanzell said...

You may know this but in Canada's History, formerly 'The Beaver' there is a letter in the 'Letters' section from Daniel Caron LAC pg7 and 8 re 'Improving access'
Jim Stanzell 06:00/5/6/2012