23 June 2012

The Power of Communities

On March 14 LAC posted an item entitled The Power of the Communities

"Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is developing a resource that encourages nationwide collaboration among stakeholders and memory institutions, and engages Canadians to discover their vast documentary heritage."
That was just days before LAC cut all funding to archivies across Canada by terminating the National Archival Development Program.  As we now know cutting the NADP was already being planned by LAC as an option if budget cuts were as severe as feared they might be.

Even if the final decision was pending, only a Machiavellian manager would authorize a post indicating the intention to "encourages nationwide collaboration among stakeholders and memory institutions" while at the same time planning elimination of the program that did most to further such collaboration.

I suppose we should be grateful it didn't trot out the tired aphorisms "encourages pan-Canadian collaboration from sea to sea to sea"

Interesting that the LAC post ends with "Let us know what you think!" but without any link to do so - indicative of how much they intend listening!

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