29 June 2012

Comparing TNA and LAC

The UK National Archives has released there annual report and accounts 2011-12. You can read it at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/about/our-performance.htm.
It's instructive to compare the items TNA highlight with Library and Archives Canada performance.

Comparison of TNA and LAC performance

LAC Comment
Client Satisfaction + - 98% of onsite orders fulfilled within one hour at TNA, 0% at LAC
Education + - TNA teaches more than 15,000 students, LAC delegates
Leadership + - TNA accepts sole responsibility for leadership of the wider archives sector, LAC abandons role
Environmental Standards + - No evidence of LAC role
User Group + - TNA has active user group now renewed. LAC actively hostile
Environment + - TNA reduced carbon emissions 14% in one year. No evidence of LAC action
Blog + + TNA has active blog and podcast. LAC just started
Employee Satisfaction + - LAC alienated staff
Recognition + -

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