07 June 2012

The Wrecking of Canada's Library and Archives

A convenient summary of the situation at Library and Archives Canada is at:


Old Census Scribe said...

Did you know that neither LAC or Stats Canada have an online facility to tell us the population of individual provinces for census years between 1881 and 1991 inclusive?
Something that it might take a day of work by a new employee, an intern or a volunteer to put together?

Ann Burns said...

This article should be published in every newspaper across the country

Archivus said...

Old Census Scribe might look a little harder. Statistics Canada has, on its website, the Historical Statistics of Canada, as well as digitized editions of the Canada Year Book -- the latter will answer the question about provincial populations in most census years. Why LAC does not provide this information is a mystery better left unexplored for now.

BDM said...

One of the best, most informative articles yet. Please, everyone: share it widely!