14 May 2015

Ancestry adds to West Yorkshire collection

Three new databases for West Yorkshire, sourced from the West Yorkshire Archive Service, have been added to the Ancestry collection.

West Yorkshire, England, Select Apprenticeship Records, 1627-1894 has 6,982 records which may include details about the apprentice, his or her family, and master. The series has many gaps.

West Yorkshire, England, Alehouse Licences, 1771-1962 has 76,239 records with information that may include "the name of the person who held the licence, the name and location of the public house, dates the licence was issued and renewed, and whether the licence was transferred. There are also registers of licence infraction and beerhouse licences."

West Yorkshire, England, Occupation Records, 1793-1930 has 46,225 records for boatmen, carpet manufacturers and cotton manufacturers. "Records include personnel cards, indexes, registers, and certificates. Information found on each document varies, but you might find details such as name, residence, age, birth date, occupation, date of employment, employer, and marital status. Certificates of fitness for employment can include parents’ names."

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