22 May 2015

William Pittman Lett book

Friend and colleague Bryan Cook sent me the following, in his words, "blatant sales pitch" for his book"William Pittman Lett: Ottawa’s First City Clerk and Bard, 1819-1892" just published.

"William Pittman Lett is recognized by few in this 21st Century. In Ottawa, he may be remembered by some as the City’s first and longest-serving Clerk for thirty-six years (1855 -1891). Yet, he was the City’s Manager in a time when the Clerk held the power of the pen and wielded extraordinary influence behind the scenes to shape Canada’s Capital. He witnessed and recorded the turbulent evolution of Canada throughout most of the 19th century.
Illustrated extensively with 19th century photography, his biography written and published by Bryan D. Cook introduces a complex and charismatic character, maturing from a militiaman, radical journalist and theatre pioneer to a highly respected public personality, sportsman, patriot and proud chronicler of his city’s history. He fought in prose, poetry and oratory for the Methodist Church, for Temperance, for the ‘British Connexion’ threatened by Fenians and Annexationists, and for the Flag, Monarchy and Empire against the vogue of Republicanism and the ambitions of German emperors and Russian czars.
His marriage to his beloved Maria Hinton brought joy and tragedy, on which he reflected in verse. The poetry column of the newspaper was his popular soapbox; 118 poems from his extensive lifetime production are also presented in Bryan's book, authentic to the original script and now framed in their historical contexts.
As the Poet Blogger of Confederation, William Pittman Lett has been deservedly resurrected from archival oblivion.
This 412 page book, based on extensive historical and archival research with 93 illustrations and photographs, is available for $25 Can. plus postage from Bryan at bryan.cook@rogers.com. Free delivery can be arranged in the Ottawa region."

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