30 May 2015

FamilySearch adds Quebec, Index to Civil Copy of Church Records, 1642-1902

With over 1.3 million images those with Quebec ancestry may well find relatives in this recent addition to FamilySearch..

The collection is divided into Catholic, Catholic and Non-Catholic and Non-Catholic sections.

The Catholic section covers Ile-de-Montréal, Lapraire, Chambly, Vaudreuil-Soulanges counties. There are sub-sections of Baptisms Index, Baptisms Index (Alphabetical), Baptisms Index (Chronological), Burials Index (Alphabetical), Marriages Index (Alphabetical), Marriages Index (Females), Marriages Index (Males). Below that are name and date ranges which you need to scan to select the likely prospect. The example index card is from the Catholic marriage file organized by female name.

The Catholic and non-Catholic section covers the Judicial District of Saint-François and the non-Catholic section the three jurisdictions: Ile-de-Montréal, Lapraire, Chambly, Vaudreuil-Soulanges counties; Judicial District of Beauharnois; Judicial District of Bedford.

These records are sourced from Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales Du Québec (National Library and Archives of Quebec).

If you have access to the Drouin collection, available through Ancestry.ca, that will likely be a more efficient approach which will also provide additional information.

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