08 May 2015

Findmypast additions this week

Britain, Country Apprentices 1710-1808, contain over 1 million records, transcripts created by the Society of Genealogists from the original registers held by The National Archives. They contain the name of the apprentice and until the year 1752 the names of the apprentices’ parents are given (usually the father, though sometimes the mother, if the father was dead), but after that year very rarely. They also included the place the apprentice came from, his father’s trade, the name of the master to whom he was indentured, the master’s trade, the place where the master lived, and the value of the premium paid to the master for taking on the apprentice. About 350,000 indentures are included, from all over Great Britain (about 20% are Scottish).

BillionGraves Cemetery Index records have been added for England (408,802), Scotland (55,935), Wales (48,642), Ireland (over 4,000), Australia (877,234) and New Zealand (88,300).

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