11 May 2015

Genealogy at the Ottawa Zoomer Show

This past weekend members of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa and staff of the City of Ottawa Archives cooperated in a display at the Ottawa Zoomer Show at the Shaw Centre. The show helps fill educational objectives as well as being a showcase.

Mike More, who led the Ottawa Branch team, is seen unfurling the Union Flag as the display was being set up.

Mary-Lou Simac (left) who led the BIFHSGO team, is shown with Society President Barbara Tose.

Here are just some of the volunteers. Team members had conversations with and gave advice to more than 400 Zoomer Show visitors. Numbers were down from last year, especially on Sunday which was Mother`s Day. On the positive side very few of the visitors were already Society members meaning it was new people who were in the typical genealogist demographic who were reached.

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Anonymous said...

Olga Zeale, who led the Ciry of Ottawa Archives team, is shown speaking with visitors to the booth. She is wearing the black and white striped top.