20 May 2015

WDYTYA Magazine: June 2015

Editor Sarah Williams marks the 100th issue of the WDYTYA Magazine with a list of the 100 best free online resources for family historians.You can likely guess many, they're organized under the headings: general websites, health, Ireland, Yorkshire, United States, maps, British Empire, military, death and probate, crime and poverty, London, archives, message boards and forums, civil registration, early records. parish registers, occupations, specialist area sites and, digital books.
Publishing such a list is always sticking your neck out. I was surprised to see curiousfox.com (Alexa rank 422,229) but not lostcousins.com (rank 231,973). There's no mention of social media, including the several good British blogs, and no mention of DNA.
Each issue contains articles of research advice. This month find: Best Websites; Napoleonic Wars; Focus on Newspapers; Focus on Justices of the Peace and Petty Sessions and; My Ancestor was a Printer.
The bonus content giving access to resources online has a focus on Sussex: Hove and the Great War; parish registers of Hove and Preston; Sussex maps; parish registers of Cocking and; Sussex archives.

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