08 May 2015

More BC Archive Newspapers Online

Newspaper archives from Kamloops and Merritt B.C. are going online free. Most are for more recent times:

Kamloops Daily News: 1991 - 2015
Kamloops This Week: 2003 - 2014
Merritt Herald: 1907 - 1918, 2003 - 2014
Merritt News: 2003 - 2014

The content is searchable with delivered as snippets in context. You can click to see the full page.

Here's an example of the First World War era report, from the May 14 1915 issue of the Merritt Herald under the title "Casualty Lists Give Many Merritt Names" showing the quality of the OCR.

"During the past week many nam es fam iliar to us all in this city and valley have appeared in the casualty lists, but, we are pleased to state, so far only one “killed in action.”Wm. Ross, a well known local man was injured a t the front. He was serving in the 5th battalion. He enlisted here with the first contingent and he has seen service in the South African war.
M. McCauley, another of our ‘boys’ was reported wounded. His name appeared in the lists last Saturday. He is well known here having worked a t the local mines for some time. His home is in eastern Canada.
N. F. Lindsay, a form er employee of the Bank of Montreal was reported as wounded. He enlisted with the first contingent and was in the lift battalion. His home is Vancouver, B. C.
Jam ^s Nelson, b etter known as ‘Jim m ie” reported wounded in the ?asulaties of the 5 th battalion. He was one of M erritt’s most popular voung men. He went to the front with the first of the Canadian forces. His parents reside a t Ladysmith, B.C.
A brother of Mr. Ruddick’s of the Bank of Morftreal staff, who hails frem New W estm inster was wounded n the fighting a t the front. Another M erritt man on the causalities, this time it is our old friend Peter Kelly, well known here, having worked for the Inland Coal & Coke ''c.. for some time. He was in action with tYie 5th battalion at the time of bis injury and is at his home in Scotand
recuperating. Pete was one of the first to leave M erritt, and he iff a real scarred vetwan having gone all through the South African campaign.
Leonard Collison, a form er employee of the Bank of Montrea. here was last night reported in the casulity lists. He is another of the Merritt boys who volunteered for the ’ront as soon os recruiting commenced here. He left with the first coningent and was in the 5th battalion vlieji wounded. He is, according to reports, recuperating in England."

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