14 May 2015

Will genealogy societies always just be there? Not necessarily

The future of Family History (Genealogical) Societies always attracts attention. A few days ago I posted an item referring to blogger Susan Petersen's article, here, which attracted comment to me in person.
Now David Pike, President of the Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, has his perspective, with particular reference to that society's situation, posted by Global Genealogy. Read it here.

FHSNL have until recently had a part-time staffer and rent space, neither of which applies to BIFHSGO which has never had paid staff and gave up renting permanent space many years ago. David's item is nevertheless a worthwhile read for those involved with FHS's as they are trying an innovative approach.

Incidentally, David is a speaker at the OGS Toronto Branch genetic genealogy event on 6 June. I'd say his is a presentation you don't want to miss, except I'm speaking at the same time!

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