07 May 2015

Ancestry adds UK, Popular Edition Maps, 1919-1926

This Popular Edition, in colour at one inch to the mile, captures Britain after the First World War and about to change with suburban encroachment into the countryside and the expansion of the road network.

This is the version of the Ordnance Survey publish by Cassini. It has a good search interface and ability to browse, but be prepared for some frustration. As I found for the town of Carmarthen, the search takes you to a map with the town in the corner and no ability to scroll to an adjacent map.

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Old Census Scribe said...

I wasn't very impressed with Ancestry's UK maps either. I looked up Hornchurch which I knew was in Essex in 1926 and found it indexed under Havering--the London Borough it has only been in since 1965.

For close up maps of the UK online I recommend http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/maps/
A Vision of Britain provides Ordnance Survey maps of different periods so you can see how parish and district boundaries moved over time. The county maps are now downloadable--huge files but can be broken down into smaller sections.