Friday, 15 May 2015

WDYTYA? Live DNA lectures on YouTube

Maurice Gleeson continues to add recordings and rerecordings of presentations in the Family Tree DNA area at the recent WDYTYA? Live event.

Available free at YouTube, the most recent additions are:

DNA for Beginners: the three tests by Debbie Kennett
The Genetic Legacy of British India - the FIBIS DNA Project by Geraldine Charles & Valmay Young
How to convince relatives and strangers to test and why by Emily Aulicino
Using DNA to solve adoption cases by Maurice Gleeson
Ancestry testing using DNA: the pros and cons by Mark Thomas
Autosomal DNA Success by Emily Aulicino

Of those previously mentioned the most popular, with over 1,000 views, are:

It's not just 'deep ancestry' - how NGS & Y-STR testing can further your research by John Cleary
I've got my autosomal DNA results but what do I do next? by Debbie Kennett

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