21 May 2015

The Story of Renfrew

Archive CD Books Canada's most recent newsletter announces a new release "The Story of Renfrew from the coming of the First Settlers about 1820, Vol. 1."

Here are some extracts from the description:

"The focus of this 1919 publication on the Ottawa Valley town of Renfrew is on the period up until 1900.

The book takes many of its stories from "locals" who were either original settlers or were the offspring of their families.

The book opens with a picture gallery of people whose names are forever joined with Renfrew, either because of their pioneering activities or because of their contributions to its growth and success.

Some of the other content:

—Patriotic Funds of the Crimean War
—The method of licensing taverns
—Choosing the municipal motto
—The early Church socials
—Council converts Mechanics' Institute into Free Public Library
—Renfrew's First Lock-up
— Appeal for telegraph communication
—John Burns appointed Treasurer
—Hand fire-engine purchased
—Proposition for planting of shade trees
—B. J. McDermott as policeman
—Bylaw prohibiting cows from running at large all year
—First Deputy-Reeve chosen
—The Voters at Renfrew's First Municipal Election
—The County Council
This is an intimate and engaging look at the development of Renfrew as a Settlement, a Town, a Township, and now, as a County."

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