07 December 2016

Art at LAC

Taking it to the Streets: Summit on the Value of Libraries, Archives and Museums in a Changing World took place at Library and Archives Canada on Monday and Tuesday. On Twitter libraries, archives and museums became the hashtag #LAM.  There were lots of good substantive presentations but three stood out in expanding LAM to GLAM, prepending Galleries to reflect the synergy with art.
Detachment honours the lives lost during the First World War and reinforces the enduring importance of collective memory on its 100th anniversary through art created from brass fasteners that once held together the military records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Find out more and see the short video explaining the project at https://librarianship.ca/news/detachment/.
Eric Chan a.k.a. eepmon, a Digital Artisan intersecting computer code and drawing spoke about his involvement with the Open Books exhibit at Library and Archives Canada;  also his involvement with a limited edition parka for Canada Goose.
Derek Kwan, who described himself as actor, creator and food eater, showed a short video, Taste of Identity, he made using resources from the Vancouver Public Library.

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