12 December 2016

YouTube: Orders in Council: Meet the Sisters Behind One of Canada's Greatest Family History Resources

It's refreshing to see Ancestry promoting an independent database on the company YouTube channel.

Joanna Crandell and Elinor "Lin" Sullivan are founders of the Orders in Council Database (OCD). The database contains photographs and indexes of names of over Canadian 1,000 Orders in Council to make accessible the information about 57,000 non-British immigrants approved to come to Canada between 1930 and 1960.

There's more. While it isn't Anglo-Celtic the sisters are Ottawa-based. Check out the short video.

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turner said...

That's brilliant, John. Last year I sent off several requests under ATIP and been given complete info. on some French immigrants who, surprisingly enough, settled in Skookumchuk, British Columbia. I still chuckle to myself wondering how they would have pronounced it. Cheers, BT