30 December 2016

Deceased Online adds London's Highgate Cemetery

With 160,000 burials from 1839 to 2010* www.deceasedonline.com has just made the deadline, posting records for London's Highgate Cemetery before the end of 2016.
"A truly stunning example of 19th century cemetery architecture", "a veritable Who's Who" and, “Victorian Valhalla” are just some of the terms used to describe Highgate.

Find information about some of the notable people interred at Highgate on Emma Jolly's blog.
A notable Canadian, born Donald Smith, who became Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal is interred in a red granite vault in the Eastern Cemetery.
Other are Lt. Colonel William Nassau Kennedy who served with the Nile Voyageurs and seven other military burials with a Canada connection.

Thanks to Glenn Wright for the photo of the Strathcona vault.

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