30 December 2016

Vimy minus 100 days

The countdown is on to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9-12 April 1917.

The anniversary is the subject of a MOU between Library and Archives Canad and The (UK) National Archives. The institutions will  collaborate to develop social media products for the purpose of increasing knowledge of the Battle of  Vimy Ridge in both country’s history. LAC and TNA will promote Canadian and British documentary heritage,by highlighting objects in collections.

Specific projects are:

1.       A Blog, co-written by specialists and with links to images from  both institutions.

2.       A Podcast, which will consist of interviews with subject matter experts and highlight content from the TNA and LAC.

 Look for these projects on both the TNA’s and LAC’s website in March-April 2017

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