27 December 2016

Progress on OGS Conference 2017

After three weeks OGS Conference 2017 reports:

61 OGS members registered and 8 non-members (not including speakers who get a free registration); all have opted for the full weekend package ($135 for OGS members until 31 March).
39 have signed up for excursions with 31 for LAC (which means two of three groups filled).
53 are taking a morning workshop and 55 an afternoon; none of the workshops are approaching their limits.
28 have signed up for Ancestry Day, all as part of a Conference package.
42 have signed up for Pub Night.
10 for the First Timers Gathering.
10 for The Institute’s graduation.
79 of the 225 seats booked for the banquet on Saturday (including Speakers and our Patron).

The Marketplace has twelve vendors/exhibitors, including four OGS Branches and SIGs, signed up so far: https://conference2017.ogs.ca/marketplace/whos-in-the-marketplace/

Information and conference registration is at  https://conference2017.ogs.ca/

Thanks to conference chair Mike More for the update.

1 comment:

Barbara Tose said...

I'm pleased to see so many signing up for the BIFHSGO Pub Night. It will be a fun and entertaining evening.