16 December 2016

Your ancestor Edward III?

If you have English ancestry you most likely have descent from King Edward III. Also you most likely can't find the records to support it.

If you could you might have the same type of experience as actor Danny Dyer in the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?  Experience it vicariously through this WDYTYA? episode now available on YouTube.


Gail B said...

Gee, that was fun, John. Thanks for posting the video.

Gail B

Nancy in Kingston said...

Thanks, John. I didn't know who Danny was, never having watched the Eastenders, but it was very interesting. I guess he's a distant cousin of mine, since I'm descended from Edward I as well -- but from his daughter Joan Plantaganet who married Gilbert de Clare, not from her brother Edward II. Fun.

Nancy C

Lynne Willoughby said...

One of the better episodes I have watched. I love toe ones from the Uk and Danny was a hoot. A must watch.