08 December 2016

RootsMagic to miss Ancestry sync deadline

A year ago, when Ancestry announced it was discontinuing support for Family Tree Maker as of the end of 2016 RootsMagic jumped into the gap with an offer to get people to switch. It came with a promise that Ancestry sync would be implemented in RootsMagic by the end of 2016. Several people I know purchased RM on the basis of that promise.

Now the company is out with news that deadline will not be met. No apology!

The new promise is that it will be implemented and "we aren't talking about a 6 month delay or anything like that."

In the meantime ... mind the gap.


Linda Stufflebean said...

Part of the issue is that they have to rely on Ancestry to provide what they need and Software MacKiev is in the same boat. We just have to be patient.

John McConkey said...

John, it's not necessarily a fault of RootsMagic that they won't sync by the end of the year. Software MacKiev's product is in the same boat. They also have announced they will not be able to support the new version of Ancestry's TreeSync by the end of the year. This makes me think that Ancestry hasn't got everything worked out with these two vendors yet. It's not nearly so much of a bother for FTM users as for RootsMagic users however since the old established version of TreeSync is still available.

JDR said...

The RootsMagic blog post http://blog.rootsmagic.com/?p=2873 indicates "Ancestry has been great". It's just taking longer than the company anticipated. Again, it was RootsMagic that sold their product with a promise which it appears will not be met. For that an apology, as well as an explanation, would be in order.