23 December 2016

Findmypast adds Kent, Gloucester and Scottish records

There are new records in the Findmypast collection for the Kent communities of Wortham, Stansted, Wouldham, Southfleet, and Leybourne
Baptisms: New records: 14,282, Total Kent records: 581,367
Banns: New records: 1,389, Total Kent records: 27,962
Marriages: New records: 11,782, Total Kent records: 380,956
Burials: New records: 9,415, Total Kent records: 412,575

In over 20,000 records for Gloucester Apprentices 1595-1700, taken from the Calendar of the Registers of Apprentices of the City of Gloucester 1595-1700, find chosen trade, residence, the name of their father and the name of their master.

Scotland Mental Health Institutions Admissions 1857-1859 comprises over 1,000 record transcripts from the original ‘Notices of Admissions by the Superintendent of the Mental Institutions’.

Scotland Prison Registers Index 1828-1884 has over 17,000 register entries of inmates giving age, birth details, crime, and place of imprisonment.

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