25 December 2016

Yuletide R&R: Greetings from Bryan the Bard of BIFHSGO'

Please add suitable stanzas to this humble start.
We have to fill the Xmas dearth of topics for John’s blog!
Merry Xmas and a New Year of Discovery!
Bryan Cook
A blogger called Reid
keeps us all up to speed
as we build our ancestral trees;
he beats up on LAC,
FamilySearch, Ancestry, and
forecasts weather of past centuries!
With a Haplogroup R,
he’s a Brit right on par
except for bit Ashkenazi
and a hint of Welsh
his brickwall , which he squelched
with statistical improbability;
to heck with proof standards
he’s now working hard
to add Richard Three to his Tree;
but we all love our John
and we hope he blogs long
in avant-guard genealogy.


Anonymous said...

All in favour, say aye! AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

june macnab said...

--- and I'll second that! june macnab