02 December 2016

Irish Soldiers' Records

The 16 soldiers listed below were members of five units of the British Army which were disbanded following the establishment of the independent Irish Free State in 1922. They each had a Canadian connection; born, address of next of kin, or address on discharge.

JohnHillsoldier06/03/1919MaymyoEnlistment Scans linked to deed
Cyril JosephLeesoldier28/07/1919CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
ThomasShearersoldier27/01/1903GalwayEnlistment Scans linked to deed
PatrickDolansoldier12/08/1915DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
ErnestDaysoldier10/03/1910Stratford E.Enlistment Scans linked to deed
JohnCodysoldier29/04/1915WexfordEnlistment Scans linked to deed
William SamuelCollinssoldier25/10/1919Whitehall S.W.Enlistment Scans linked to deed
John Basil TrelawneyButtonsoldier21/06/1921PlymouthEnlistment Scans linked to deed
AlbertMulhollandsoldier04/04/1919Rugeley CampEnlistment Scans linked to deed
FrankO'Sullivansoldier03/10/1921CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
JohnMuldoonsoldier15/12/1919DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
FrancisO'Flynnsoldier05/02/1920CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
John Joseph PatrickCashinsoldier02/11/1910KilkennyEnlistment Scans linked to deed
JamesRodgersoldier11/03/1919MaymyoEnlistment Scans linked to deed
HenryHarrisonsoldier26/07/1909DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
Alfred GeorgeWatlingsoldier14/07/1920LondonEnlistment
The units disbanded were the Connaught Rangers, the Leinster Regiment, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Regiment and the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

Listed with links to images of original records, this information is from a database of 11,981 recordsfrom the National Army Museum at www.nam.ac.uk/soldiers-records/persons.

Some of these list address or discharge with the notation "Comm. Of Emigration". I'm curious about that organization. Any information to share?

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