11 December 2016

CTRL your computer

From Reader's Digest, a collection of keyboard shortcuts.

CTRL + SHIFT + T : Open the most recently closed tab
CTRL + back arrow: Go back one page in your browsing history
CTRL + D = bookmark a page
CTRL + L: Move the cursor to the URL bar
CTRL + K: Move the cursor to the search box
CTRL + 1: Switch to the first tab
CTRL + Plus sign: Zoom in
CTRL + Minus sign: Zoom out
CTRL+ Enter = .com
CTRL + W: Close current tab
In Facebook: J and K for effortless scrolling down and up
Space bar: Automatically scroll down a page while browsing


Claudia said...

CTRL +S to download the page...

CTRL + F to find a name in a printed text, especially good if the text is a book.

Paul Jones said...

On a hunch and generalizing from CTRL-1, I tried CTRL-2 on my browser and was sent to my second tab. Ditto CTRL-3, etc.

A useful tip.


JeanG said...

CTRL + 0 removes the zoom in or out

GeniAus said...

A couple of new ones ther for me. Thanks, John.