05 December 2016

Bravo OGS

The Ontario Genealogical Society is making determined efforts to get out of the rut that has seen declining membership and collapsing branches in recent years.

On top of the half price membership for a new member and a member partner which ends at the end of the month there is a new initiative with Findmypast.

Here's how vice-President Steve Fulton described it in an email.

Every member of The Ontario Genealogical Society in 2017 will receive a Starter Package subscription to Findmypast.  The value of this benefit is $34.95 US$, and it is free for all 2017 OGS members. 

The Findmypast Starter Package allows access to over 3.6 million records, including:

Canadian and US social histories
Canadian census (pending release)
Ontario Birth Index, 1860-1920 (pending release)
UK/Ireland Census Records
Findmypast Family Tree
Irish Parish Catholic Registers
Exclusive land records and Irish Prison Registers
Exclusive Court records and Petty Sessions Order Books
The complete U.S. Census, 1790–1940
Birth, marriage, and death records from across the U.S.
(excluding premium marriage dataset)
US immigration and travel records, including U.S. Passenger Lists, 1820s–1950s
US Newspapers

If you're tempted to join, or rejoin as I did earlier, go to www.ogs.on.ca/.


Louis Kessler said...

You missed a bunch John. See the list of entrants I found.

Also, please fix your link above to my program, Double Match Triangulator. You are pointing to the Little Family Tree video.


Gail B said...

I rejoined the OGS in November and provided the OGS with a new member. I have just received my voucher credit from the OGS for the Findmypast free trial and started it yesterday. One has to rejoin or join OGS to be sent this voucher code, and then one is directed to a specific Findmypast website (not the regular one) to get started.

To my surprise, this indicated my free trial would end Dec. 4th 2017, next year, not this year.

We'll see.

Gail B