13 October 2017

CanGen Summit

Greetings to all attending the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit this weekend. Special greetings to Ottawa genealogists and conference speakers Brain Laurie-Beaumont, Mags Gaulden and Patricia Roberts-Pichette.
Peggy Homans Chapman, Eastern Canada representative for the Guild of One Name Studies, invites you to stop by her table and perhaps win the prize now available as she wasn't able to get to the OGS Conference on Ottawa.


Peggy Homans Chapman said...

Looking forward to seeing all at the CANGenSummit! And thanks John Reid for sharing a joke from the closed Fbook group! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm here too, having arrived by car with Patricia last night. She'll talk, I'll sell her book. I have exchanged e-mails with the military museum people who Paul Milner described at the BIFHSGO conference, and hoping to hear results re: my family. Now off to Pier 21, where some family arrived in 1947, others in 1949.
Cheers, BT