08 October 2017

Findmypast adds transcript records for Berkshire Baptisms, Marriages and Burials

Findmypast describes these transcript records as:

Berkshire Baptism Index

Over 79,000 records have been added to the Berkshire Baptism Index. Spanning the years 1538 to 1917, the collection covers over 80 parishes throughout the county and reveals details that will enable you to add another generation to your family tree. The entire collection now contains more than 219,000 records.

Each record consists of a transcript that will reveal your ancestor's baptism date, parent's names, residence and the church where the baptism was performed. Some records may also reveal interesting details such as the mother's marital status and whether the child was an orphan or foundling.

Berkshire Marriage Index

An additional 67,000 records have been added to our collection of Berkshire Marriage records. Covering the years 1538 to 1933, the entire collection now covers over 156 parishes across the county and contains over 315,000 records.

The collection consist of transcripts created by both Findmypast and the Berkshire Family History Society using original marriage registers and bishop's transcripts held by the Berkshire Archives. A third category of records that include images of original Phillimore Marriage Registers is also included. Transcripts will reveal your ancestor's marriage date, marriage location, residence, father's name, father's occupation and corresponding details for their spouse.

Berkshire Burial Index

Search over 82,000 new additions to the Berkshire Burial Index. The index now covers 190 Berkshire burial grounds, spans the years 1536 to 1966 and contains over 830,000 transcripts.

Transcripts will generally list your ancestor's name, death year, burial date, burial location and occasionally the names of relatives. Later records may include further details such as your ancestor's birth year, age, residence, cause of death, a coroner's verdict and details relating the nature of their burial.

My ancestors Robert Digby and his wife Charlotte lived in Berkshire so I had a particular interest in these records.
Baptisms were recorded for a first child named Charlotte (my ancestor) who was baptised on 27 March 1817 at St Michael, Bray. with a date of birth 07Oct1816 (new to me) and mother's maiden name Martin. Father's residence is given as Redstone Farm, occupation farmer.
There is less baptismal information for two subsequent children, Robert and Hannah, when the family had moved to Dedworth Green. Robert and Charlotte had come to Berkshire from Suffolk where they had married at Ilketshall St Margaret on 29 December 1814.
The children all survived to marry after the family moved to Hertfordshire.
All the above is from transcripts so subject to transcription error.

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