01 October 2017

Over 150 British WW2 Service Men and Women

This group photo was found rolled in a box of my late mother's belongings. She served with the ATS in England during WW2 on anti-aircraft sites and as an instructor. I believe she, E D Cowan, is second to the right of the tall man in the centre in the second row who looks like he might be the senior officer.

Do you recognize the photo? Where else I might post it with a hope of someone recognizing it?

There are several names signed on the back, but most fairly common like Ferguson, Jones, Pearson,West and Wilson.

Two more distinctive are Beryl P. Elford and Brenda Tugwood. Both would appear to have married after the war and had one child.


Shirley said...

I would post it on an Ontario Genealogical Society facebook page. Many of the counties have facebook groups where people are trying to identify photos.

Nancy in Kingston said...

I might try to see if there is a UK-based page of military service - the descendants are more likely to be there than in Canada, I would think.

Anonymous said...

Post it on the roots web site for your English county. It might help. And if you know where she was posted elsewhere in England, post it there as well. Cheers, BT

Helen Billing said...

Hi John

My mother was also in the ATS during WWII and worked as a radio intercept operator in Egypt for two years. (My parents met there.) I have a couple of photos of her colleagues but they were probably taken by my father and are not professional quality. I would suggest that you send a digital copy to the Imperial War Museum (http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/photographs), where others may be able to identify people in the photograph. Perhaps it could be restored a bit. The IWM has more than 11 million photos in its collection.

I had a long photo like this of Northampton School for Girls (1936) and eventually sent it to the local county record office and the Northamptonshire Family History Society.