29 October 2017

Save with Library Extension

There's a utility that could help save time and the accumulation of books on your shelves.

If you're searching for a book on Amazon or Goodreads and you have Library Extension installed on Chrome, only on Chrome for now, it tells you if your library, or the library you've selected, has any copies.
I tried it out on Amazon with a pamphlet from 1967.  Here's the result. OPL has 7 copies.

via bookriot.com and http://documentary-heritage-news.blogspot.ca/

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I tried it with the library where I work and it's not perfect. I brought up "Firing Lines" by Debbie Marshall on Goodreads, and it didn't find it - I know we have a copy because I ordered and catalogued the book earlier this year.

OTOH, it did find the newest Peter Robinson mystery.

That said, our system is currently having search issues, so that might be the problem. Cool idea for sure! I will be installing it at work as well :)