25 October 2017

Rockstar Genealogists 2017: Australia and New Zealand

Join me in congratulating following top genealogists from Australia and New Zealand who received most votes as Rockstar Genealogists 2017. The list comprises the five receiving most votes of the ten nominated. 

1. Michelle Patient
2. Jill Ball
3. Helen V Smith
4. Chris Goopy
5. Alona Tester


Susan said...

Congratulations from Canada to the Australia and New Zealand Rockstar Genealogists. Many thanks for their contributions in the world of genealogy.

Alex Daw said...

What a fantastic representation from the land down under. Richly deserved :)

Robbiemac said...

Yay two of my cousins in this list. They are so passionate, hard working and generous in sharing their knowledge. Congratulations to all but particularly proud of Chris and Michelle.