17 October 2017

Clarity on Rootweb

Quite understandably the notice posted on the Rootsweb site last week,

"We will be discontinuing the Rootsweb Surname List and Genealogy Forum features on Tuesday Oct 24, 2017."

caused a lot of angst.

That notice has been removed, One of my readers contacted Rootsweb and received the following clarification.

We appreciate your concern that some information is being removed from the site. We will do all that we can to answer your questions. The Message Boards are not being removed. The " Genealogy Forum " references a web page maintained by the " Golden Gate Genealogy Forum ". It is accessible from the link below. They are moving their page.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Thanks for the clarification!! I do use the info on the Message Boards and loathed the thought of trying to search for everything and then copy/paste!! That said, I realize at any point the info could disappear for other reasons, so I should go in and gather the info I need and cite it...

Thanks again :)