30 October 2017

In Hardship and Hope: A History of the Liverpool Irish

Here's a new book of interest if you have Liverpool-Irish ancestry.

The author, Greg Quiery, writes

"The book is concerned mainly – but not exclusively – with the Catholic Irish.  Whilst the core of the book concerns the Irish in nineteenth and early twentieth century Liverpool,  it also examines the early years of the Irish community in the eighteenth century and – in the closing section –  the process of integration and assimilation which took place in the nineteen fifties and sixties.  It is an attempt to do justice to a dramatic story of courage and hardship.  I also hope it will illuminate, for the reader, one aspect of the story of our city – Liverpool – through a better understanding of one of its many communities,  and the difficulties that community has overcome."
Read more at www.liverpoolirishhistory.com/ including a link to order a copy online through Lulu.

via a blog post by Claire Santry.

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