01 October 2017

Internet Genealogy: Oct/Nov 2017

To start the new month, an outline of the contents of the new issue of Internet Genealogy magazine from Ontario-based Moorshead Magazines.

Heredis 2017: Your Next Genealogy Software Package? 
Tony Bandy looks at the latest release of Heredis, a less well known program in a crowded genealogy software market. The latest release has added dashboards and "smart-search" options summarised on the company site at https://www.heredis.com/en/new-features/.

COVER STORY: Always an Apprentice 
Sue Lisk offers five tips to help you bring new discoveries to light as you research your family history.

An Unusual Genealogical Resource
Michael van Turnhout looks examples of individuals found in a database at the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-Ownership at University College London.

Discover YMCA WWI Service Cards 
David A. Norris looks at an interesting new US source of civilian records, 27,600 personnel cards from the Kautz Family YMCA Library at the University of Minnesota.

Reaching the End of the Roll 
Joe Grandinetti looks at FamilySearch’s discontinuation of its microfilm distribution services. While nostalgic for the microfilm era he is "optimistically excited" about the future online access.

Slave Insurance Records
Diane L. Richard examines these often-overlooked, but valuable resources for slaves in the Southern States.

The Catholic Heritage Archive
Joe Grandinetti looks at Findmypast's release of Catholic parish records.

“Eli Mayo: Hero of the Old West…Or Was He?” 
Wynne Crombie tries to sort out the truth about her great-grandfather's storied life based largely on newspaper records.

Seeking Sarah 
Melody Amsel-Arieli recounts steps taken to find the final resting place of a lost ancestor.

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest.

Back Page 
Online Trees: Dave Obee warns against being led astray when relying on the work of others.

Forthcoming Publication
Great news in this issue is that Moorshead is publishing a special DNA Research Guide scheduled to appear in January. It will be compiled by favourite speaker Maurice Gleeson renowned for organizing genetic genealogy sessions at WDYTYA? Live (RIP) and Back to Our Past, Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

We recently found a family member in the YMCA cards, and his application for a passport to travel to France containing a supporting letter from the YMCA. With his passport number and the knowledge that he was working for the YMCA we were able to confirm he was the person whose name appeared on a passenger list of soldiers and YMCA workers being repatriated back to the States from France at the war's end. Along the way we learned a little about the history behind this resource and the people named jn it. It was all vrry interesting.