13 October 2017

New OGS Website

That's right. According to a notice from OGS:

The new site has a fresh modern look and feel, and it will display properly on all access devices – desktop and laptop computers, tablets and cell phones. We’ve made it easier to find information quickly, and drill down for additional details where needed. Our indexes are available for everyone to see, and we are working on building better information delivery options for members and nonmembers.
OGS members are asked to log in to the Members’ Only section of the site before the end of October.

If you have forgotten your password, just click on “Lost your password?” to reset it. Please report any problems that are encountered to OGSwebreport@ogs.on.ca so that we can get them fixed before membership renewal begins on November 1st.

The majority of our transition is complete; however, you may encounter pages which ask you to return later for more information, as we work on rolling out additional elements of the site. We thank you for your patience and tolerance as we finalize all of the features.

As you explore the new site, we anticipate that there will be glitches – things which don’t work for you, or areas where you can suggest an improvement – and we want you to let us know when that happens. Email us at OGSwebreport@ogs.on.ca, copy and paste the URL (web address) of the
page and explain the problems you have experienced or suggestions you have.

This new site is the result of design/build expertise from our business provider, Cavera, Inc., and hundreds of hours of volunteer time on the part of Steve Fulton and Charles Godwin and other members of the Technical Support and Innovation Committee, and we thank them for the sleepless nights and endless days devoted to this task.


What's new at the site? One thing, or maybe I'd not noticed before, is that you can now contact some branches which have an Ext: shown beside their name from the Branch/Sigs dropdown. Contact that branch by phone by calling 1 855 MYROOTS and then entering the extension number. These extensions lead to a voice mail system that will capture your message and email it to the responsible volunteer.

Steve Fulton tells me that as a temporary measure the old OGS web address is auto-forwarded to ontarioancestors.org/. While that's the case you'll find a saved username and password will not auto-populate. First world problems. You can always reset the password according to the instructions above.

Asked about that new ontarioancestors address Steve replied cryptically "it may be we have some plans, that you will soon be aware of."

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