22 October 2017

Panel Discussion on Ukrainian DNA

For those really into genetic genealogy the October monthly meeting of the Ukrainian Genealogy Group of the NCR will feature a: "Panel Discussion on Ukrainian DNA”. This meeting format is summarized as follows: 
Several UGG members and guests who have received their DNA results from various companies (even if testing took place years ago) have been invited to this panel discussion. Each panel member will be asked to answer various questions about their experiences including:
· Why did they take this test? With what company?
· What were the results?
· Were there any surprises compared to family stories? Are there any explanations regarding the results?
· Were the results worth the 'financial investment'?
· Any plans for future research?
This will be followed by an answer-and-question period.
This meeting will take place on 24 October starting 7:30 pm at the St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Hall, 952 Green Valley Drive, Ottawa. Free admission, free parking.

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