27 November 2019

Ancestry Give-Away

Ancestry. I've had a subscription for years. There can hardly be a present-day genealogist who hasn't used their records. According to Ancestry's "Card Catalog" there are 1,954 Canadian titles,  2,027 UK titles, 207 Irish titles, and 25,247 US titles. If I didn't already subscribe Ancestry would be top of my Christmas list.

AncestryDNA. I took the test soon after it became available and have most of my serendipitous matches there, hardly surprising as Ancestry has more clients DNA tested. An AncestryDNA test is another good gift choice for that person who is curious about what a test can tell them.

With Black Friday sales now's a great time to buy or take your chances and maybe win an Ancestry subscription or AncestryDNA test for free?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ancestry.ca with an offer to make available a subscription and an AncestryDNA test to somebody who reads my blog. We agreed that as a means of supporting my local societies they would be awarded by a draw at the 14 December BIFHSGO (subscription) and OGS Ottawa Branch (AncestryDNA test) meetings. Anyone in Canada (only in Canada eh!) who sends me an email with a request to be entered is also eligible, but those at the meetings will have a better chance — two draw tickets each.

If you won't be at the meeting(s), and you're in Canada, enter by Email to john dot d dot reid at gmail dot com/.

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Crissouli said...

Is Aus considered a province of Canada? Just sayin'... O:-)