03 November 2019

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Why Trust Finnish DNA Ethnicity More than German
From Your DNA Guide, which regions of Europe are more (and less) likely to be identified correctly. Includes a comment on lack of transparency by Living DNA that —  purports to “breakdown your ancestry with unrivalled worldwide regional and sub-regional detail.”

OGS eWeekly Update
Do you subscribe to this free newsletter? I do, usually finding something of interest; yesterday's especially so. Read it, and previous issues, from the list here. Then subscribe so you don't miss future issues.

Advances in anti-ageing research: how chemistry could hold the key to better health
Break out the red wine and chocolate.

Five common words we’re all using incorrectly

Late Night (film)
I rarely watch movies but on my flight back from England saw Late Night, a 2019 release. The ageing woman English-origin host of a late-night talk show is told she will be fired from the role she's had for 10 years by the woman head of the network and is saved by a young minority woman staff writer who joins the otherwise all-male writing team.

Techno-fix futures will only accelerate climate chaos

Will There Be Wine After Climate Change?
Vintners may have to adjust their centuries-old traditions to keep the wines flowing — limitation of traditional knowledge.

Winter Watch
Next Wednesday, 6 November is the earliest date when a temperature below -10C has ever been recorded in Ottawa, in 1951. 8 November is the latest date when temperature above 20C has ever been recorded in Ottawa, in 1938.

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