24 November 2019

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Termination of the Genographic Project
The public participation phase of this research project will end on June 30, 2020. After that time“Geno” DNA Ancestry Kit results will no longer be available on the website. If you want to retain the results log in to the Genographic Project website and download a printable version of your results.

Contribute ideas online for the future OPL-LAC landmark destination
Until December 10, Ottawa residents and Canadians from coast to coast can help inspire the iconic features and finishing touches for the new building. You are asked to share thoughts on:
the design influences of the natural landscape;
how building materials can affect the way a space is perceived and enjoyed; and,
the ways in which the facility can become an inclusive destination for all.
Go to Inspire555.ca

Militarism and its role in the commemoration of British war dead
Militarism is the glorifying of war and invasion of the civilian sphere by military ideals. Has the commemoration of war dead been hijacked by militarism?

An Obituary: VHS Tapes Die of Loneliness at Age 30

Artificial intelligence won’t kill journalism or save it, but the sooner newsrooms buy in, the better

Recently published by The Walrus
How Do You Save Four Million Canadians from Hunger? by Raizel Robin
Is a Walk in the Forest Better than a Trip to the Doctor? by Peter Kuitenbrouwer
What Does It Mean to Have a Healthy Body? by Mojola Omole

One of the climate change resources compiled by the NYT

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Sophronia said...

Thank you so much for that video on Climate Change. This very knowledgeble scienntist states my feelings exactly, one that is in opposition to the majority. If we pay attention to the scientists rather than politicians we will put our dollars into learning to adapt to rather than trying to prevent changes in Earth's climate. One thing I think you should have posted along with this video is the scientists name and credentials. He is Derek Muller holder of a doctorate in physics education research.