02 November 2019

Many More Names in TONI

The total record count for TONI, The Ontario Name Index, now stands at  6,657,369 records. That's a big jump thanks to ingesting the entire index data file of about 661,000 servicepersons (nurses included) who served in the First World War.
If a search finds a CEF serviceperson of interest, indicated by record type “Military” in the index, a hyperlink leads directly to the LAC site where you can view the attestation paper and find a link to the digitized service file.
Visit TONI at https://ogs.on.ca/databases/toni/
The addition, which includes all those in the CEF database, not just those from Ontario, was made possible through an Open Data Project hosted by Library & Archives Canada.
Thanks to OGS Director David Thompson for the tip.

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