12 November 2019

Interview with Lucille Campey

While in England for RootsTech London I accepted an invitation from Lucille and Geoff Campey to visit at their home in Wiltshire.
Ottawa-born Lucille is the author of many books on Scottish, English and Irish immigration to Canada. She has often spoken in Ottawa. Geoff, as well as being her spouse is her business manager, draws maps and compiles supplemental material for the books.
We spoke of how she became fascinated by the topic, inspired by a visit to Belfast on Prince Edward Ireland, and Lucille explained why she believes some aspects of the subject have become misrepresented.
Lucille's next book, on Irish immigration to Western Canada with an overview of her two previous books on Irish immigration, is due for publication in September 2020 when we hope to welcome Geoff and Lucille back to Ottawa.

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